How the service works

We provide a tailored plan that includes one-on-one appointments, remote support and content for you to review at home. There are 4 key stages to the service.
Activate your personal registration and get access to an online library of trans/non-binary specific multi-media resources, tailored to your needs.
Let us know what sort of support and information you want and tailor it to your own health and wellbeing goals. Choose from a library of specialist information exploring topics such as fitness and nutrition, hormone therapy, and giving up or cutting down smoking.
At your first visit, you’ll meet with our Specialist Health Adviser or a member of the senior nursing team. We’ll discuss your experience of gender, your hopes and ambitions, your relationships, and your wider health and wellbeing.
What happens next depends on your life goals and needs. Some will explore physical interventions (e.g. hormones or surgery), whilst others might want services like Speech and Language, Psychosexual Therapy, or access to workshops to boost and maintain self-esteem.

Who is transplus for?

Individuals eligible for the TransPlus service are:

  • Those who have registered with 56 Dean Street & Dean Street Express or our sister services: 10 Hammersmith Broadway and The John Hunter Clinic before 1st of January 2020 and who are:
  • Are 17+, eligible for NHS Care and registered with a GP in England.
  • On a waiting list for an established NHS gender dysphoria service and have not yet attended their first appointment.

If you’re eligible to access TransPlus we will contact you to arrange an appointment. If you haven’t heard from us or have more questions please see our FAQs page. Please note, as a small-scale, time-limited pilot we regret we cannot accept transfers of care from people who have already had their first appointment at another NHS Gender Dysphoria Service.

Here to support you

We are a service with trans/non-binary people at its core. Many of us are members of the community ourselves or are individuals with significant professional or personal experience of supporting trans/non-binary people.

You will get easy access to your clinical team, with lots of opportunities to ask questions about your ongoing care (e.g. recent blood results, or any new or additional support needs that might arise).

We have a range of flexible support options: we can offer a listening ear, peer support, talking therapies, and provide one-to-one advice, as well as access to a range of online and face-to-face tools, support groups, workshops and events.

Our team can also link you to other 56 Dean Street services or help you access community organisations (including, housing and homelessness, domestic or sexual abuse, hate crime, drugs & alcohol, and support for older people).


See our FAQs for more information about your appointment or Contact Us if you need to cancel or reschedule your visit.


Those using TransPlus might need additional support. Our team is made up of professionals can help improve your mental, emotional and/or sexual wellbeing.

Already registered?

Crisis support

If you feel acutely unwell or are experiencing thoughts of suicide or self-harm, please seek support immediately.


56T is a specialist sexual health and HIV service open to all trans/non-binary people/. You don’t have to be part of TransPlus.

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